Alberto Valz Gris (Torino, 1990) works on the political nature of space through research and multidisciplinary design.

Using multiple media such as spatial design, text and audiovisual installations, his work explores and aims at transforming the relationships that humans entertain with their surrounding environment—also known as politics—driven by an interest in the transformation of reality. Glitch spaces, squat utopias and future Arcadias.

Currently, he is working on Progetto Aurora—a treasure hunt in the Venice lagoon—and a space exploration project titled Astronaut.

He recently graduated from the Sandberg Instituut, only after being part of the wild crew of the Wandering School in Macao, Milan.

In Amsterdam, he has co-organized Sandberg Forum public lectures and pop-up exhibitions.

His former graduation work—a sensory-political exploration of urban space—is available online at Barcelona’s Interstices.

albertovalzgris at gmail dot com | +31 (0)6 39 64 69 76

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